SP-ac Alligator Clip Probes

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Short Attributes
Manufacturer ROTKEE (Ukraine)
Total Cable Length 0.3 m (1ft)
Cable Cross Section 0.9 sq.mm (~17AWG)
All Attributes

Designed for connecting an oscilloscope to automotive terminals and wires, both thin and thick wires of up to 15 mm diameter. Compatible with TL-mlp, TL-light, TL-AS-LED, TL-dif, TL-mix4, TL-mix6 test leads. 

Test Leads Design

SP-ac  alligator clip design

Items Included

  • replacement test lead with black alligator clip - 1 pc
  • replacement test lead with red alligator clip - 1 pc

Test leads are color-coded, never again will you waste your time wondering which lead is which. The test leads are made of a flexible PVC cable.


Manufacturer ROTKEE (Ukraine)

Mechanical characteristics

Total Cable Length 0.3 m (1ft)
Cable Cross Section 0.9 sq.mm (~17AWG)
Output Cable Connector 4 mm “banana” plug/socket
Weight 30 g
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