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ROTKEE - equipment for technical diagnostics.

We produce and sell equipment for oscilloscope automotive engine diagnostics: test leads for automotive lab scopes, In-cylinder pressure transducers and their adapters, intake manifold pressure pulse transducer, inductive and capacitive probes for secondary voltage, sensors for syncing and other specialized tools. Our products have been helping for many years to find quickly various faults related to the mechanics of the combustion engine, the fuel injection system, the engine control units, the CAN bus, the starting and charging system, the safety and comfort systems. The equipment is widely used in the diagnostics of gasoline and diesel cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, powertrains of ships and locomotives, aviation equipment, electric generators and electric cars. This equipment helps to diagnose issues even when the engine control unit does not detect any faults, but the vehicle is still malfunctioning. For instance, when engine does not start, jerks while accelerating, lacks of power, has a missing engine, rough running engine, defective car alternator. A widespread check of CRANK and CAM correlation with an oscilloscope reveals wrong timing of the gas distribution mechanism. Checking cylinder balance with the Shulgin script is also a very powerful lab scope feature that can be used as an express diagnostics. Having several channels in the oscilloscope allows you to record waveforms of various engine parameters simultaneously over a long period of time and analyze them immediately. Solve problems like "I changed the sensor/valve/part for a new one, but the problem is still here". In such cases, analyzing vehicle sensor waveforms and comparing them with known goods from the Waveform Library enables noticing faults even in new parts.

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